Lifeforte teaches its students how to have successful, fulfilling, and spiritually enriched lives.
Everything we do at Lifeforte, every class, every prayer or bible scripture we share with you, every book we ask you to read or piece of music we ask you to practice, every sport we encourage you to play is designed to help you find what it is that God has destined you to do and prepare you to do it with excellence.

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boardingLifeforte is a residential school. We are a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week place where students live, learn, and create their own community. Being a diverse and international community gives life to our mission. At Lifeforte, we welcome students – from farms, suburbs and cities, from 5 continents, from every religion, and from every ethnicity – to be here, to live here, and to be connected to each other as part of a community that seeks knowledge and goodness together.

Home Away From Home
Coming to Lifeforte has made it possible for me to achieve greatness. Lifeforte is that home away from home, for me. Lifeforte has surrounded me with friends who care for me. My adviser, Mrs. Ariyo has made herself available to me. With her, I have someone here who can guide me and give me a safe environment to grow while allowing me room to mature from my mistakes. She understands how much I want to succeed. Lifeforte is known for many things: an undefeatable football team, school spirit, and rigorous academic opportunities. But what makes Lifeforte so special to me is the community. You can’t help, but feel the warmth and openness of this place. This is my home. –  Emma



Lifeforte’s academic program ensures that when you graduate you are a genuinely educated person prepared to do exceptional work at college and beyond. You learn how to write, do science, think analytically and be creative and courageous. You learn to lead, make a difference, be good, and be happy. Based on the grade you enroll in, weprovide you with a basic core curriculum and then you can choose from many elective options.


curriculumBeing smart at Lifeforte means challenging yourself
Being smart at my old school meant getting high grades without having to work hard. And because the work was so easy, it could be boring. But, that’s not how it is at Lifeforte. Here, the work is challenging, but also more fun. It feels less like work because it is also more interesting and enjoyable. Everyone here is smart, but in different ways. Some students get better grades in math than I do. I might be better at chemistry than one student, but she might be better at physics. I’ve learned to appreciate various intellectual abilities and differences. Lifeforte teaches you things about yourself and your capabilities that would be almost impossible to learn in any other environment. At Lifeforte it’s impossible not to learn and it’s impossible not to be stimulated. – Ade



extracurricularWhat do you want to do? Do you want to start your own fashion line? Are you looking to organize a lecture, a dinner, a fashion show, a concert, or a play? How about learning a new skill, such as playing the guitar? or traveling to China on a school trip with your best friends? At Lifeforte, the possibilities are endless.

With so many activities for students to choose from, you are bound to find many ways to discover hidden talents, make new friends, and share your ideas.



sportsSports is an important part of the Lifeforte community. Our sports department is unique. We have full-time professional physical educators that will help you with sporting activities, including, but not limited to: basketball, football, track and field, volleyball, swimming and diving, cross country, handball and tennis. Our sports program also includes state-of-the-art facilities. With inter-scholartic teams in different sports, every interested athlete can find a challenge, improve performance and grow. Many of our graduates go on to play on varsity teams in college.



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Lifeforte alumni benefit from an extraordinarily high rate of success receiving admission to top universities around the world. The Academic and Student Life Advisors assist students applying to higher education programs. In fact, because of its exceptionally high academic and extracurricular standards, Lifeforte is one of the best-represented Nigerian international schools at leading universities in Europe and North America. Lifeforte alumni are recipients of academic prizes and accolades from top universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, London School of Economics, Imperial College, University College London, and California Institute of Technology, McGill University, to name a few.

acheivements-2Lifeforte Got Me To Harvard & Carried Me Through It

When I told my Lifeforte college advisor, Mr. Oduntan, that I wanted to go to a school that would challenge me, he encouraged me to apply to Harvard. I wasn’t sure that I could get in. But, he told me that if I worked hard and trusted God, getting into Harvard was absolutely possible. And, he was right! I got in. Lifeforte really prepared me well to excel at Harvard. I thrived at Harvard. I led several student organizations, made great friends, graduated with highest honors, and won 5 academic prizes. None of this would have been possible without the training I received at Lifeforte. – Tutu



Anytime you have questions about Lifeforte, please feel free to visit, email or call us. We are here to help and will always get back to you.

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