DAY 1-3
DAY 5-7

Some climb the ladder of success and pull it up after them, some climb and dismantle the ladder, others climb and look back to help others ascend and even add more rungs to the ladder to ensure the success of those coming after them.

This is the spirit behind the idea of the community service club. Looking back, reaching out and helping others. Membership of the club is open to students in the senior high school only with the opportunity for Junior high students to participate in some programmes. The community service club strives to exemplify the CEO’s popular maxim ‘the essence of living is giving and giving is living’.

Selflessness and productivity are the twin engines directing the course of the club’s activities namely;

  1. Service
  2. Volunteering
  3. Visitations
  4. Giving
  5. Outreach
  6. Fund raising

The students are encouraged to see the underprivileged perspective from their privileged view. The club’s activities have taken students to the motherless babies’ home and home for the handicapped where they spend time with the children, help feed and clothe them and donate items to the homes.  Club members have also organized a book and clothes hunt. These articles were then donated to those in need. ‘Orphans day out’ was the theme of an outreach programme by the club aimed at making life fun for others.

Recently, the club donated 1 million naira to an orphanage towards the purchase of a much needed bus. The money was raised through a carwash organized by the members as opposed to requesting for donations.

Mindful of their responsibility to the Lifeforte community, the club via news clips and posters endeavour to raise awareness and knowledge of current environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, and the importance of going green and conserving energy.

On collaboration, ‘Project Unveil’ a programme of the ‘Greatness in Africa’ initiative launched by Miss Dara Johnson was hosted in Lifeforte International School under the auspices of the community service club.


Reaching out to underprivileged school girls.