Sarah Olubi-Johnson (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.)
CEO Lifeforte Holdings.

LIFEFORTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a co-educational Private Christian Institution, consisting of the Preschool, Junior and High Schools for children between the ages of 3-18 years.

It was founded on the 5th of November 1990 by Pastor (Dr.) Olubi and Sarah Johnson to provide a balanced comprehensive educational curriculum for the full development of children (ages 3-18) intellectually, spiritually and socially. Lifeforte has a large number of students, Nigerian and foreign, who come from different social backgrounds (e.g. from Britain, North and South America, Canada and Australia).

With our established travel agency (Biscordint) travelling has been made easy as Lifeforte always makes arrangements for students travelling from different parts of the world to Nigeria and back at special Lifeforte parents’ discount rates.



Our vision is to be an institution wholly dedicated to the continuing holistic development and wellbeing of our students through the provision of world class global educational training directed towards the enrichment of the spiritual, mental, emotional, ethical, physical and social dimensions.


In Lifeforte International High School, our mission is to equip our students with essential skills through a globally relevant educational experience that stimulates a love for excellence, a lifelong passion for learning, respect for diversity, a healthy lifestyle, ethical and moral uprightness, social and emotional intelligence, innovation, creativity, an appreciation of aesthetics, sense of dignity and self-worth, pride in national identity, sense of responsibility and global citizenship.


The Lord is raising up a generation of children chosen and destined for greatness. We believe that every child has been innately endowed with the abilities needed to learn, excel and express themselves as unique individuals. As a Christian institution, we provide a safe, friendly, intellectually stimulating and orderly environment supported by the home and community which is needed for children to become healthy, responsible, excellent lifelong learners, tolerant, respectful and confident with an appreciation of the arts and aesthetics.


Our curriculum is based on the conviction that knowledge of the Bible and of Jesus Christ is essential to the development and growth of the child. This belief calls for the integration of faith and learning. Every subject area is seen as part of this bigger picture and thus taught from a Christian perspective. The Bible contains God’s standards of truth for every sphere of human life and endeavour. Learning in every discipline should be aimed at revealing the Creator, and His principles and standards to humanity , so that w e can worship God and relate to others with knowledge, understanding and compassion.


  1. As a Christian institution, to train our students to grow up in the knowledge and character of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To give our students the benefit of a curriculum that is broad, balanced and intellectually stimulating to lay a foundation of knowledge in core learning areas, develop creative thinking and independent learning skills.
  3. To continuously promote and adopt the use of technology as an inseparable learning tool giving our students access to learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
  4. To help our students become lifelong learners by providing opportunities for diverse learning experiences and adopting a learner focussed approach that encourages the development of the whole person and individual potential.
  5. To create an inclusive, safe, friendly, orderly and aesthetically pleasing environment where students can learn to live, share and thrive as part of the community in love, harmony, tolerance and mutual respect for one another thus preparing them for life as global citizens.
  6. To instil in our students healthy self-confidence, purposeful determination, love of the truth, loyalty, sense of patriotism and responsibility to self, family, the community and the nation.
  7. To cultivate enduring habits that promote health and well-being.

Lifeforte truly represents a new dawn in Christian character building, and all-round excellence.

Lifeforte International High School graduands are brilliant, highly educated, innovative young adults whose excellence goes beyond academics to include character.