A Leading Christian School in Nigeria 

Among the leading schools in Nigeria is Lifeforte International Schools, a co-educational institution consisting of the preschool, junior and senior high. Lifeforte International has not only gained international recognition for academic excellence but has distinguished itself by its unique curriculum that equips students both intellectually and spiritually, making it one of the best Christian schools in Nigeria. 
Lifeforte International Schools is a private Christian institution founded by Christian educationists in November 5th 1990 with a vision to enrich the lives of young learners by catering their academic, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing through educational training and mentoring.

Why choose a Nigerian Christian Institution?

Wondering if a Christian school like Lifeforte International is the best choice for your child? Here are four amazing reasons to reassure you:

Lifeforte is committed to raising a generation of leaders and creative thinkers who are aware of their potential and are actively exploring ways to contribute to their society. Our students benefit from a broad curriculum that intellectually stimulating and lays the core foundations for lifelong learning and independent thinking.


As a Christian school, Lifeforte is committed to helping students experience total excellence, self-development and solid character building. Our teaching approach allows us to directly interact with each one of our students while encouraging them to cultivate enduring habits that promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to instil healthy self-confidence, purposeful determination, loyalty, patriotism, community,  love for the truth, and a sense of responsibility.


Located in Ibadan Nigeria, this Christian school makes it a priority to create an inclusive, safe and friendly environment for learning and personal development to thrive. This is why we uphold the principles of love and tolerance. We also teach our students to live in harmony and respect for each other while creating a safe space where they can all thrive as a community. By this, we are preparing them for life as global citizens and leaders.

At Lifeforte, we prepare our students for both national and global success. Our school’s curriculum integrates the best of national and international educational content. With a combination of the Nigerian and British (Cambridge Checkpoint & KS3) curricula, our students benefit from a broad range of subjects and options and are equipped to excel at tertiary global institutions across the world. Lifeforte students have consistently received awards for outstanding academic performance in international examinations. In fact, we are the first Christian institution in Nigeria to obtain the British Council recognition for international schools.  
Lifeforte International has maintained a reputation of nurturing high school graduands who are brilliant, highly educated and innovative young adults. Most importantly, they demonstrate excellence beyond academics and exhibit deeply inculcated moral virtue. This is what makes Lifeforte rank as one of the best Christian schools in Nigeria.
Reach us today at www.lifeforte.org . Let’s talk about your child’s future in our care.