The Amazing International School in Nigeria For Your Child
If you want your child to have the best education experience in Nigeria, then your most preferred choice of school is one that is internationally recognised and guarantees global standards in learning.
International schools in Nigeria adopt globally-approved curriculums so that their students are equipped to compete on an international level not only as they go on to universities in different parts of the world but also as they become professionals in global industries.
However, knowing the international school that is best for your child can be a little tedious. This is because while a lot of schools can claim to be of international standard, you really need a school that has a long-standing reputation for world-class teaching and student mentoring.
At Lifeforte International school, you are assured of this and much more. 

Why Nigerian Parents Should Choose Lifeforte International School 

Lifeforte is one of the top Nigerian international schools, with a reputation for offering globally relevant educational experiences to her students. Combining both Nigerian and British curricula, Lifeforte is dedicated to raising young leaders who take pride in their national identity but also conduct themselves as global citizens.

1. International and National Curriculum

Lifeforte offers the best of national and international education. Its integration of both Nigerian and British curricula provides a wide range of subject options for students to enjoy a broad academic scope that will prepare them higher educational pursuits.

2. International University Offers

Lifeforte students have a high rate of admission success among top universities around the world. This is because the Academic and Student Life Advisors assist students in applying to higher education programs. A good number of Lifeforte alumni have become recipients of academic prizes and accolades from top universities like Harvard, University College London, and California Institute of Technology. 

3. Internationally Recognized Awards/Patnerships

Lifeforte is an award-winning Nigerian international school and for the first time ever in Nigeria has obtained the British Council recognition for international schools. Lifeforte is also a member of the Council of International Schools and partners with top examination bodies including Cambridge, The college board (SAT) and WAEC to conduct international endorsed examinations.

4. World-Class Boarding School facilities

Lifeforte is a residential school where students live, learn, and become a community of their own. Life at Lifeforte is an experience for a lifetime with a culturally diverse community of students connecting with each other in the pursuit of knowledge. Lifeforte is more than just a boarding school, it is a home away from home. Situated in the tranquil environment of the countryside, hostel facilities are well furnished, fully air-conditioned with dining rooms, launderettes, sports facilities as well as constant internet connection and a resident houseparent. Students also enjoy a blend of nutritious and sumptuous African and European cuisine.
Lifeforte is an institution dedicated to facilitating the all-round development of our students. Lifeforte International School students are nurtured for excellence that goes beyond mere academics but is also evident in character and life pursuits.

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