Choosing the Best Nursery School in Nigeria for Your Child

Nursery school forms an important part of your child’s rudimentary learning experience. This is why choosing the right school for your preschool-aged child is a huge decision to make. Lifeforte International Nursery School in Nigeria is dedicated to making this choice a lot easier for parents.

Lifeforte Nursery School brings together in the best way possible the essential elements for elementary education, creating a learning experience that nurtures your nursery school child for a successful future.

Looking for your preferred nursery school in Nigeria? Here are the reasons why Lifeforte International is the one!

Excellent Academic Standards

At Lifeforte, we equip our children with educational advantages that accompany them unto further educational pursuits. This is why we adopt a broad-based teaching approach that caters for the individual development of each child. We teach our children to recognize their self-worth, encourage them to use their talents effectively while stimulating their thinking.

Nursery School Curriculum

Our preschoolers benefit from a learning approach that emphasizes observation and interaction and direct guidance. Through a variety of activities designed to assist learners to understand basic concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and alphabets, our pupils are consciously provided with experiences that enhance their intellectual capacity.

Safe Environment For Preschoolers

Lifeforte Nursery school is located in a serene, laidback in Ibadan Nigeria. Surrounded by lush greenery our school environment is not only serene and suitable for learning but is also well secured. With our well-trained caregivers, you can be assured that your child is in safe hands. We pay attention to the individual needs of our pupils ensuring that they are well catered to all day long.

When choosing a Nursery school in Nigeria, it is important to find a place that you are convinced will lay a solid foundation for your child as he/she moves on to primary school. Lifeforte Nursery School in Nigeria is first choice for parents who desire academic distinction for their children.

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