Are You Seeking an International School in Nigeria?

There are many reasons for your child to attend an international school. For example, if you’re an expatriate in Nigeria, it’s normal to desire a learning community where your child will be able to fit in easily.

Also, if you’re a Nigerian parent who desires international exposure for your child as well as to give them the best of global standards in education, then enrolling your child in an international school in Nigeria is a great choice.

The only question is how do you find an international school in Nigeria that truly lives up to its name and assures you of the best learning experience for your child.

Lifeforte is an international school located in Ibadan Nigeria that caters to all category of students from Preschool to Senior Secondary School. Lifeforte maintains an international atmosphere that welcomes children from different nationalities and celebrates diversity.

Lifeforte boasts of a very robust academic curriculum as well as a long history of outstanding performance amongst its students, including becoming the some of the best in the world in Cambridge examinations

Here is a list of five reasons why Lifeforte is an international school you can never go wrong on.

Internationally Accredited

Lifeforte is an internationally recognized institution with global partners including the Council International Schools. As a member of the global Council, Lifeforte ensures that its academic curriculum, teaching methods and infrastructure level up to standard with its global counterparts.

Awarded by the British Council

Lifeforte is the first international school in Nigeria to receive the British Council International School Award. The award which has been presented to over 5,000 schools across the world is a badge of honour for schools that showcase outstanding work in international education, especially in nurturing young people who go on to live and work as global citizens. Lifeforte alumni go on to some of the best universities in the world including Harvard, University College London, Stanford University etc.

International curriculum

Lifeforte adopts an academic curriculum that integrates Nigerian and international curricula so that students can benefit from a broad range of subjects that prepare them for success in ‘A’ level schools and universities across the world. Lifeforte also partners with international examination bodies like the University of Cambridge, College Board(SAT) and WAEC.

At Lifeforte International School in Nigeria, your child learns to be global citizens, visiting international destinations, appreciating foreign cultures and building tolerance and respect for all races and people. From day one, every student is welcomed into an international experience like no other.

Reach us today at and let’s give your child the learning experience they deserve.