Junior school refers to the particular period of a child’s primary education which normally falls between the age range of 8 to 13 and starts right after kindergarten. Sometimes, it is referred to as grade school, elementary school or primary school.

Elementary school is a vital phase in a child’s education which is meant to provide essential support as the child grows into adolescence and becomes more independent.

During this period, a child is expected to build well-grounded reading and arithmetic skills while acquiring essential social skills and basic knowledge of science and history.

Which Junior School in Nigeria is Best For Your Child?

It’s so easy to stumble across a good number of junior schools in Nigeria. However, finding the school where your child’s development is guaranteed is so important and it is a task every parent must take seriously.

At Lifeforte, we pride ourselves in creating educational experiences that last a lifetime. Our pupils are prepared for success both in academics and real life.

Here’s how Lifeforte Junior help your child make the best out of junior school.

Benefits of Lifeforte Junior School Nigeria

A Stimulating Environment

At Lifeforte Junior school located in Ibadan Nigeria, our pupils are encouraged to participate in activities that drive them to discover their passions, talents and respective callings. We create an atmosphere for creativity, arts and critical thinking.

The Freedom for Self-Discovery

Our teaching approach is very unique. We engaged our children in learning through observation, interaction and direct guidance. We spark their curiosity towards self-learning and self-discovery.

Character Formation

Lifeforte Junior school is established upon Christian principles. It was founded on the 5th of November by Pastor Olubi and Sarah Johnson. For this reason, Lifeforte is not concerned with academic success alone, but also in raising children of character, virtue and faith.

Broad Academic Curriculum

Lifeforte Junior school gives young learners the benefit of an extensive curriculum, covering core subject areas in the national curriculum and supported by the highest international teaching standard. Our commitment to academic excellence is why we’re recognised a member of the council of international schools.

If you’re looking for a Junior school in Nigeria? We recommend Lifeforte Junior, the preferred choice of parents and educationists.

Reach us today at www.lifeforte.org. Let’s talk about your child’s future in our care.