The second Lifeforte Scholarship beneficiary graduates from UCL with first class honors

The vision of the Foundation was birthed out of a sense of service, passion and empathy. Launched by the CEO – Mrs. Sarah Johnson, the objective of the foundation is to provide through sponsorship, world-class education to outstanding students who otherwise may not have been able to afford it. With a core of founding members, parents, individuals and corporate entities, the foundation is firmly committed to investing in the future of the next generation and the nation. The aim is for the beneficiaries of the scholarships to flourish through a cross-pollination of ideas and aspirations fostered in the enabling environment of globally recognized top-tier higher institutions of learning.

Currently, the foundation has 2 beneficiaries – a Mechanical Engineering honours graduate from the California Institute of Technology and a First Class Honours Physics graduate from the University College London.

Ayooluwakunmi Jeje, after a very successful 4 years studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at CalTech, has now (14th June 2013) graduated with honors, having attained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.7 (of 4.0).

Praise Olutuase graduated from the University College London and was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Physics with First Class Honours on 1st August 2014.

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